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The Southern Oregon Lavender Trail: A Scenic and Scentful Drive

The Southern Oregon Lavender Trail: A Scenic and Scentful Drive

Southern Oregon is a beautiful region of the United States, known for its stunning scenery, mild climate, and abundance of outdoor activities. But there’s one thing that Southern Oregon is especially known for: lavender.

Lavender is a fragrant herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic properties. It’s also a popular ornamental plant, and Southern Oregon is home to a number of lavender farms that offer visitors the chance to see and smell these beautiful flowers up close.

The Southern Oregon Lavender Trail (https://southernoregonlavendertrail.com/) is a scenic drive that takes visitors past six of the region’s most popular lavender farms. The trail is open from mid-June to mid-July, when the lavender is in bloom.

Along the way, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills and lush valleys of Southern Oregon, as well as the intoxicating scent of lavender. They can also pick their own lavender, purchase lavender products, and learn about the history and uses of this versatile herb.

Here are some of the lavender farms that are featured on the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail:

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something to enjoy on the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail. So come on down and experience the beauty, scent, and history of lavender in Southern Oregon!